How to Deal with Money when Travelling in a Group

When you travel as a group you have the ability to save tons of money, but money can also cause problems if everyone doesn’t have the same amount to spend.  If things end up costing a little more than you expect it can cause some pretty big conflicts.  When you travel it is important to be prepared for anything and everything.  Plan ahead and here is some tips for how to deal with money when you travel in a group.

Work out a budget beforehand

Everyone in the group will have different access to money, and it’s a fine line between flashing cash and annoying the people with less cash and holding people back from spending on what they want.  Everyone needs to understand that there will be different budgets for this trip and to accept that fact.

Be a little understanding

You may be able to afford to go out on the town every night and have a great time it doesn’t mean your friends can too.  If they bow out you need to respect that choice and acknowledge you can’t all do the same things.  The same holds true in reverse, don’t begrudge someone their chance to have a good time.

Keep records

Keep written records and receipts of who owes what.  Some in the group may not worry about a few dollars here and there while others might.  Keep track of the spending and you can use the Splitwise app to help you out.  Here is a demo to see how it works.

Take advantage of group discounts

Groups can take advantage of all kinds of discounts, everything from rides to hotel rooms.  When you book the trip talk to your travel agent about what discounts you can get.  If you’re willing to compromise, things like sleeping on couches or cots can save you a ton of money.

Stock up the ride

If you plan to travel through Europe the cost of gas can be expensive but you can save money traveling with a big group, you will also save some money not paying the airlines baggage fees.  Pack everything you need in the car including a cooler full of food.  If you bring everything you need for camping you also have an adventure without the cost of a hotel room.

Group travel can be a ton of fun, you can see the world with your best friends or family.  You can take advantage of the discounts groups are offered and have a great time, just don’t let tension ruin your trip.

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